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Kein Bild hinterlegt.
A little paradise for hobby and sport fisher.

What you can expect from fishing in the thermal region Bad Waltersdorf:
Brown trout, rainbow trout, nestling, barbel, tench, amur, tolstolop…

The regulations

  1. closed seasons and minimum catch lengths must be respected.
  2. only a rod and a fishing hook may be used.
  3. You are allowed to take a maximum of 2 trouts per day, white fish unlimited.
  4. national fishing card of the Styria or guest cards are to be shown.
  5. worm fishing is forbidden! Contravening is punished with the withdrawal of the day, 2.3… card.
  6. a cardholder must be controlled by a supervising fisherman! Fishing is subjected to the Styrian fishing law.

Chairman Fishing Association

Weinhofer Harald 0664 11 50 757
Gigler Markus 0676 603 16 90

Information for fishing in Großhart

More fishing information

Wagerberg 261, 8271 Bad Waltersdorf
+43 676 603 16 90 thermenpension@aon.at
  • family-friendly
  • opened in winter
    opened in winter
  • regardless of any weather conditions
    regardless of any weather conditions
  • Wetterunabhängig
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