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Greifvogelwarte Riegersburg – Bird of prey flight show
The fascinating world of the "kings of the air"

The bird of prey station Riegersburg has set itself the target, to focus on animal welfare. There are not 100, but 30 birds of prey at the station. The moto is less is more and this in favour of the animals. All birds of prey get several times the option for an absolute free flight up to 5 hours daily.

Eagles, Vultures & Co. present themselves as stars of the air. It is a spectacular experience when the golden eagle rushes out of the clouds onto a fox dummy at over 200 km/h. An absolute must for big and small, for young and old.

Experience the kings of the skies in an absolutely professional flight demonstration with their daring flight manoeuvres, flying close over your heads, elegant gliding or breath-taking dive flights from many hundreds of meters with top speeds of up to 300km/h on various prey dummies. See in the flight demonstrations the special, birds of prey which you had never seen before, or flight manoeuvres which you had considered impossible before.

In short you will see one of the best bird of prey performances of Europe!

The special experience includes:
  • Golden eagle, eagle owl, griffon, Brown Snake Eagle, bald-headed eagle, buzzard, raven, turkey vulture, snowy-owl, kite and many more
  • Information about birds of prey of our earth
  • Daily astonishing flight demonstrations (except by rain)
  • Special offers for schools, clubs and groups
Greifvogelwarte Riegersburg – Bird of prey flight show
Riegersburg 195, 8333 Riegersburg
+43 3153 7390 info@greifvogelschau.at
Opening Hours
Flightshows take place daily except at heavy rain
Monday to Saturday: 11am and 3pm
Sunday and Holidays: 11am, 2pm and 4pm

We have opened from April to October.
Admission for the respective show is at the earliest half an hour before!
One show takes 45 to 50 Minutes.
No day off

Dogs are welcomed at the Greifvogelwarte Riegersburg.
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    Dogs are welcomed
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