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Oil Mill Höfler
Who wouldn't like to taste homemade fresh pumpkin seed oil?!

In 4 steps to the “styrian pumpkin seed oil”
Delivery from the farmers of the region – roasting approx. 50 minutes in the roasting pan – pumpkin seed oil press at 300 bar – filling after approx. 2 weeks for 12 months

Interested how the green gold is produced?
If you give notice in advance, the family Höfler will be happy to tell you the story about the so-called “green gold”! They will guide you through the company, from the pumpkin seed oil press to the secrets of the pumpkin seed oil production. You can follow the extraction of the pumpkin seed oil and taste the freshly pressed pumpkin seed oil.

We really love pumpkin seed oil here in Styria!

The products
  • styrian pumpkin seed oil from own production
  • Pumpkin nibbles with different flavours
  • pumpkin seed secco
  • pumpkin seed chocolate and much more
Oil Mill Höfler
8224 Kaindorf 383
+43 3334 20 332 office@hoefleroel.at
Opening Hours
Monday - Friday: 08:00 - 18:00
Saturday 08:00 - 12:00
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  • Genusscard Partner
    Genusscard Partner
  • opened in winter
    opened in winter
  • regardless of any weather conditions
    regardless of any weather conditions
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