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The Riegersburg is located on a 482m high volcanic rock.

Myths, adventure and many scary stories are told about the impressive landmark of the East Styria. The Riegersburg was once considered as the strongest fortress of the occident because it could never be conquered in the centuries of its existence. Nowadays it is a popular destination.

In the numerous rooms of the fort are now three museums:

In 2017 the “museum of the witches” has been completely new designed. It expanded for 4 rooms and many numerous exponents. In Styria have been witch trails very common until the middle of the 18th century. About 300 allegedly witches and wizards have been made process, whereby not only outsiders and socially deprived have been burdened with the absurdist accusations to be ultimately executed. Here you can get an insight into this dark and mysterious chapter of national history.

The museum “Legendary Riegersburg – Legendary Women”, which is located in the residential and state rooms, brings you back into the time of serfdom, the baroque zest for life and the wars of the Turks.

The Force Museum presents armour and swords, cutting and stabbing weapons, guns and pistols as well as craftmanship and technical skills from 400 years. Defence and attack, hunt and enjoyment. The weapons of Riegersburg – they have never been seen like this before.


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